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An Ode to David

David I love your big, curly hair.
I love how when you’re annoyed, you glare.
You throw your arms up, you say “How can this be?
Why must you always dilly – dally?”

Then you tilt your head to the side and give me a smile,
And you don’t seem to mind I’ve taken a while.
You say, “Okay let’s just go,” as you rush towards the door –
“Wait!” I reply, “Can I have five minutes more?!”

“What are you doing?!” You yell, surprised every time!
I respond, “Putting on make-up, so I look sublime!”
Then you sigh, and say, “Fine, just hurry, we have go.”
David, we’re not all naturally pretty like you, you know.

When we walk out the door, I ask, “Are you really mad?”
And you reply, “No, this isn’t that bad.”
“Plus I knew you were going to be late,
So I told you 7:30, but the reservation’s for 8.”

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