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David’s Shirt

David I love your big curly hair.
And that grey flannel shirt, you love to wear,
It’s your ugliest shirt, by very far.
But you insist on wearing it, it’s so bizarre.

I say to you, “Hmm, you’re wearing this shirt.”
You reply, “All the others, are full of dirt.
It’s my only clean shirt, today I must wear it,”
“No!” I reply, “I cannot bear it!”

“David this shirt does not flatter your figure,”
“Dear God,” you reply, “Am I getting bigger?!”
“No, no, it’s not that,” I stammer and stutter,
“It’s…it’s just a weird shirt,” I poorly sputter.

“Well I like it, there’s nothing you can do,”
And as I write this post I know it’s true.
That ugly shirt – it’s here to stay.
It’ll probably grow old with us; you’ll wear it each day.

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