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An Unfortunate Problem

I love taking pictures, but every picture I take comes out blurry. I try to blame the camera, but I have the good fortune of having access to some really spectacular cameras and lenses.

Now, this problem wouldn’t be a big deal, but I take a lot of pictures. People who pose for these pictures always say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING PICTURES AND CAPTURING THIS MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN MY LIFE! I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE THESE! YOU HAVE TO SEND THEM TO ME!” and I gush, “OF COURSE!” And this is what I end up having to share:

You would think in the age of digital cameras I would know immediately that my photo is blurry, but that is not the case. I unfortunately also have a habit of drinking at events in which I am taking pictures, so at the time everything appears clear to me. I will actually look at the preview, smile, look back at the subject, and say, “Perfect. I got a good one.”

Now you’re probably muttering to yourself, “Stop drinking, Sherlock.” But alas, no, I cannot, as the drinking helps me actually follow-through on this brilliant friendly-photography troll. Every time.*

*Yeah, I actually wish this was true. I’m not a mean-spirited troll. I’m just a super incompetent photographer.

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