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We Don’t Appear to Mean Business

We were standing in the check-in line for Business Class for our flight, and one of the airline helpers approached us to provide some assistance.

“This line is for Business Class,” she told us, pointing to the sign.

“Yes, we are flying Business,” David agreed.

“Do you have your pass so I can check it?” she asked.

“No, we still need to check-in, “ David explained, pointing to the front of the line. I looked around as if to say, “Hence, why we are in line.”

“This is the Business Class line,” she repeated to us. “Would you like to show me your flight information?”

“I haven’t printed anything off,” David replied. She looked skeptical, so he repeated, “We’re flying business.”

And she said, “Okay.” Then she continued slowly, “When you get to the front of this line, they are going to ask if you are flying business. And if you are not, you must go all the way to the end of that line over there,” she said, pointing to the very long economy line.

We nodded.

We should have said, “No, that line looks too long. We’ll stay in this one.”

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