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April Fools Success

Yes, I’ve done it yet again. This year’s masterful April Fool’s joke got some assistance however. It was inspired by a someecard:

To avoid confusion, I'm waiting until tomorrow to tell you I'm pregnant

However, rather than joke about being pregnant, which would be impossible, I decided to suggest something else. I sent the following email out to friends:
Hey All!

So…David and I have a big announcement, but to avoid any confusion, we won’t share it until tomorrow, April 2.

But. I’m really excited. So, I’ll just say that you should keep an eye on your emails/cell phones tomorrow, and I’ll be needing all of your mailing addresses. Go ahead and send those over as soon as possible please.

Thanks so much.

Love, I’m so full of LOVE!

This email was wildly successful. It got two “Hahas,” three “Nice April Fools joke,” one “Are you engaged?” three “What’s the news?!” and one address, which was not even a correct address.

I got ’em good this year!

However, I was got pretty good this year myself. I’ll go ahead and share that one with you too.

A few weeks ago, I received an e-vite for a wedding celebration for an old friend that happened to be taking place the same day as my graduation, so I responded asking about two things 1) Would it be okay to arrive late, and 2) Where is the couple registered?

Today (so weeks after I had responded and had worried my question about arriving late was rude) I received a response:


I’m so sorry. We sent you that invitation completely by accident. This is really just a friends and family thing.

As far as gifts go, you can get us a Home Depot gift certificate and mail it to 333 Maybery Dr. City, State 021020


First I was horrified about being accidentally invited, then as I was re-reading the email, I saw a follow-up email that explained it was a joke. April Fools WIN!

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