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I’ve really done it this time – totally crossed the line.


That’s right. I have managed to rack up roughly $1.80 in overdue book fees. I’m disappointed in myself for it. I could have easily avoided this by being more responsible and staying on top of the book due dates. But did I do that? NO. I thoughtlessly went about my days with a complete disregard for the library books I had checked out over three weeks ago.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the library and apologize. I will also pay the fees.

Here is how the conversation will go.

Me: Librarian, who is your leader?

Librarian: How can I help you?

Me: Are you the one in charge of this branch?

Librarian: Well no, but is something wrong?

Me: YES.

Librarian: Okay, well how can I help you.

Me: Well, a little over three weeks ago, I checked out this book. Then, I read it. [look around nervously] After reading it, I put it on the ground, and did not look at it again- for two weeks.

Librarian: [gasps] Someone else might have wanted to read that book.

Me: I KNOW! Don’t you think I knew that? Don’t you think I thought about that every day? And every night, that thought didn’t haunt my darkest hours?

Librarian: You’ll have to pay a fine.

Me: A PIDDLING FINE! Hardly enough to atone for my crime! [crying] WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Librarian: Shhh. Miss, please lower your voice, this is a library.

Me: Did you just shh me?

Librarian: It is a library…

Me: [indignant] I don’t need to take this kind of behavior from you. I have a Kindle!

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