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Friday night we saw Paranormal Activity with Mike, Sara, and Drew. If you haven’t seen it and plan to, read no further.

In Paranormal Activity, there is a non-engaged couple that has been together for three years. The female in the relationship, Katie, hears things in the night. We learn that she has been followed by a demon since childhood. Her boyfriend, Micah, decides to take matters into his own hands by filming their home at night to capture the demon in action. Psychological terror ensues.

After the movie, we all walked out of the theater, and David went into the restroom. While we waited for him, I decided to share my feelings on the movie: “If my significant other had a demon, I would probably break up with him, immediately.”

I thought everyone else would nod in agreement, but instead, no one responded. Mike actually glared at me, as if to say, “I cannot believe my best friend is dating someone as insensitive as you.”

I stared at them, as if to say, “Clearly, none of you were paying attention during that movie.”

Demons wreak havoc on your sleep schedule, cause fires, damage picture frames, and may result in death. Other side effects include screaming and fearful quivering. I think these things are all definitely grounds for a breakup.

Other things that would equally justify immediate breakup include poor personal hygiene and a broken Tivo.

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