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Awkward Accoutrement

Gallivanting in the city late Saturday night
We met Andrea’s friends, quite the delight.
They were friendly, sarcastic, clever and fun;
We were sad when the night ended, and we had to run.

The next day, a text message I received
“What a nice message,” I originally believed:

Thanks for coming out last night! I was told the following, “David is a guy everyone would have a crush on” and you “are amazing. What a dreamboat!” I do not lie!

So I said, “Aww,” and handed it to my brother
Who read the message, but perception, well, had another.

“All this tells me,” he said forming a sly grin,
“Is her friend has a crush on David – do you feel chagrin?”
I narrowed my eyes; his observation was true!
She fancies my man, what do I do?

I sat and thought, I worried a while.
How do I stop her from digging his style?
She’ll be at the New Years party, which we will not miss
What if she tries to give him a big, sloppy kiss?

Finally, I decided it was time to take action
Of his lips, she will never have the satisfaction.
So now I clear my throat, with a dramatic cough,
And say, with straight face…

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