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Cubicle Warrior

I am a cubicle warrior. Every conference call is a battle.
The other day I resolved a problem using web meeting. It was invigorating. I heard one end-user gasp – a rookie mistake, he should have been on mute – nevertheless I appreciated the subtle applause I so very much deserved for deftly navigating three web pages in the midst of a screen share.

I dial in two minutes early to each meeting: this demonstrates I’m organized and schedule my meetings appropriately. And given the day, I can decide whether or not to take part in the early-attendee-weather-banter or to remain on mute and multi-task, as I so efficiently do.

I’m a mute master. If someone, especially a client, makes a joke, I’m quick to un-mute and chuckle. I won’t leave them hanging. And I’m quick to mute again, lest I begin typing in the midst of the conversation and disrupt the flow of discussion. That kind of mistake will make you the topic of water cooler discussion and not the good kind.

Do I follow-up? Absolutely. Oftentimes I’ll begin while the meeting is still in progress and send the note within half an hour of the meeting end time. If the follow-up requires more time, I send a note informing the attendees. That’s right. I manage expectations.

Like a boss.

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