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My new Chapeau

I have now become the proud proprietor of a very classy chapeau. I was stylish before, but this chapeau has put me in an entirely new league. Yesterday, as I walked through town and caught my reflection in store windows, I marveled again and again at my panache.

Top Five Greatest Things About Wearing a Chapeau

5) Shade. Obviously.

4) Fellow Chapeau wearers. These are partners in style, and as we pass by each other, it’s natural to make eye contact and smile. Some chapeau wearers don’t know this. They are the worst.

3) Walking tall. Wearing my chapeau doesn’t just make me feel taller, it makes me physically taller. Fact. Nay. Biological wonder.

2) People peeking under my chapeau to see what I really look like.  A fabulous chapeau could only be worn by a fabulous person. It makes complete sense that strangers will want to know more about the enigma beneath the chapeau.

1) Raising the chapeau to greet friends as I approach. Classy chapeau for a classy lady.

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