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David and Football

David I love your short curly hair
And for football you so very much care
I sit there and ask, “Can we go for a walk?”
“Wait what?! Football is on!” I hear you balk.

“But the weather’s so nice,” I pout and I beg.
But you will not move, not a single leg.
You set up your multiple football screens
In spite of my nagging, glares and pleas.

“I’ll take a walk at half-time,” you compromise
But you’re not interested, I quickly surmise.
And I’m crushed – it seems you love me so little
To football apparently I play second fiddle.

But that’s okay, I’m an adult and I’m stable
And I’ll use today to lobby for a new coffee table
And I’ll get my way in future discussions on decor
Because you’ll have to prove that you love me more.

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