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Why I'm Always Late

Reasons I’ve been late:
1. Had to play the perfect song before departing
2. Debated over the appropriate shoes to wear, only to select Uggs, again
3. There was stuff on the internet to see
4. Called sibling to chit chat
5. Posted a blog entry
6. Made a mix cd for the car ride
7. Did not understand the navigator’s directions
8. Disregarded navigator and went with my own “instinct”
9. Ate a snack before leaving, then brushed teeth to hide evidence

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  1. Lexi Lexi

    I tend to consider tardiness the 8th Deadly Sin, but I will forgo punctuality if a song I really, really like is playing on the radio in order to stay in my car until it’s over. It drives me crazy when I’m very clearly into a song, and the person driving turns the car off before the song is over, and acts confused as to why I’m not rushing into our destination in the hopes of not being late.

  2. admin admin

    I know what you mean! And even if they turn the car radio back on, the best part of the song has passed. And it’ll probably never be on the radio again.

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