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Smooth Criminal

Yesterday, I bought skinny jeans.

While I was at the register, paying for the new style of jeans, I eyed a pair of jeans I bought last year from the same store. I walked over to it and looked at the price tag, trying to decide whether to buy a second pair of jeans I already had.

Another saleswoman watched me, and then said, matter-of-factly, “Someone like you should not be looking at Legend Zoe Bootleg Jens.”

I looked at her.

She continued, “With your figure, it is a CRIME to sell you anything other than skinny jeans, like the ones you’ve picked out.”

I replied, “Oh, a salesperson recommended and sold me those jeans last year – ohmygosh,” I looked around, lowering my voice, “are you saying that sale was…illegal?!”

She stared me.

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