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I'll Sew You (pun!)

On Halloween, we met a couple that made their own costume. As we stared at a picture of a previous year’s costume they had created, a dynamic duo of dinosaurs, I wistfully asked David, “Do you think we could make a costume like that next year?”

He laughed, “NO,” and then walked away.

Then in the car ride home, he started talking about the other couple. “I can’t really imagine you in that way,” he casually began. “You know, sewing costumes and cooking for me.”

“Perhaps that’s because you lack imagination,” I replied, quickly. So quickly. Only someone with my superior intellect and breadth of personality could reply as quickly as I did to his scathing comment. Actually Mike, confession, this is one of those occasions where I mislead the reader into thinking I’m sharp and sassy in real life.

Here’s what really happened: I looked at him, wide-eyed and angry: “Wait, is that why you thought we couldn’t make dinosaur costumes? Because you can’t picture me sewing?”

He laughed, “Did I actually say we couldn’t do dinosaurs? Oh yeah! Yup – that’s why.”

My eyes narrowed. Them was fightin’ words.

I am going to sew an elaborate Halloween costume – an edible one, no less.

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  1. Mike Mike

    Thanks for the clarification! :o)

  2. Mike Mike

    ^^^ That was supposed to be a smile. 🙂

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