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Teenie Bopper?

Blog, terrible news. Today we launched a class project, Mannerisms, and my peers seemed to receive it well. That’s not the terrible news part.

The terrible news is that they thought the site was an exercise in satire!   So while I was putting Kelly Clarkson’s latest masterpiece up on the site, heralding it as a socially transformative, invigorating new song, my peers applauded the group on our humorously accurate parody of a teenie bopper web site.

Then they proceeded to compliment us on our outrageously tacky photo selection for Moment of the Week, again citing our clever grasp of the things that would appeal to the most shallow, under-developed of females.   At that point I grew defensive and gathered all of my mental faculties to craft my pointed response: “Um, it’s just a really sweet moment…”   My colleagues-in-learning stared at me.  So I continued, “But yes, I’m glad the satire was not lost on you. Whew.  That was…one of our concerns…that people wouldn’t see…that it was designed as a farce.”

I died a little inside today, blog.  (Not really.)

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