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This Stuff's Made in NYC

Pssst. Are you watching the Nadal v. Monfils tennis match right now? I am! I love Monfils. He’s such fun. We have a lot in common, including large, well-defined muscles, the foot-speed of a gazelle, and the gift of flight. Just kidding, I can’t fly.

It’s a great match though. They each have one set right now.

In other news, I’m such a New Yorker. For example, I ride the subway, sometimes going Uptown, sometimes going Downtown, depending on where I plan on going. Sometimes I walk instead of taking the subway, because I can. I have real style too. For example, the other day I wore a dress, with a t-shirt on top, and a leather belt. The piece de resistance of the ensemble? A pair of Reef flip flops. Impeccable. It was original, classy, and casual, all at once.

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