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Ugly Betty

This past Wednesday’s episode of Ugly Betty was amazing. I know what you’re thinking, “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

For those of you who missed it, here is a recap. Betty wants to help her lover become more excited about something aside from their relationship. So, she shows a curator the room where her lover kept all of his paintings. The curator is thrilled with what she sees and decides to present his work in an opening for up-and-comping talent. Betty, thrilled, invites everyone to the exhibit.

When they arrive at the exhibit, Betty quickly realizes that her lover’s paintings were all of her! She is humiliated! Her lover is also embarrassed. “How could you?!” he hisses.

“HOW COULD YOU?!” she responds. “Do you hate me?!” (Most of the paintings were not flattering.) He explains that he painted the negative ones when they were on a break. Then, he accuses Betty of not having enough passion. He says, “Maybe the problem isn’t that I have too much passion.” Dramatic pause. “It’s that you don’t have enough.”

Betty, not enough passion, could it be? With a little help from her sister, she realizes of course it could not be.

Betty presents to him her diary, filled with pages and pages of writing about their relationship.

“Betty I didn’t mean what I said, I was angry,” he explains to her, “you don’t have to show this to me.”

“No,” Betty insists, “I want you to see this.” And the two of them reconcile their emotions for each other.

What a great show!

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