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New Hire?

We don’t have a receptionist in our office, and I sit close to the entrance. So, when the doorbell rings, sometimes I pop up and answer the door. When other people nearby are bored, they get the door first. It’s usually a mail person or a co-worker who has forgotten their key card. Opening the door is generally just a wonderful excuse to move from the office chair.

But today, I popped up to answer the door, and it was someone who was interviewing for a position. I deduced she was interviewing (and not a client) from her smart outfit and shy hesitation. I opened the door, and she said, “Hello, I’m Anna. I’m here to see Bill.”

I planned my words carefully and then spoke, “Hello Anna, I’m not the receptionist.”

She looked at me, a little shocked. Did she think I was the receptionist? She probably did. It’s a good thing I cleared up any confusion that may have ensued from there had she gone on assuming I was the receptionist. Good move, me.

I continued, “So I don’t really know what to do with you. I don’t know if I should take you back to him, or if I should leave you here. Hmmm. I’ll go check. Please take a seat in the corner. Don’t worry,” I assured her, “I’ll come back to let you know what I hear.”

Bill was on the phone when I got to his door, so I whispered, “Anna’s here.”

He said, while on the phone, “Great, I’ll go see her.”  Then to his counterpart on the phone: “I gotta go my interview is here.”  This last statement reaffirmed my earlier suspicions. I returned and informed Anna of his impending arrival. Great re-cap, eh blog?  I hope they hire her!

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